About my Hero

Radioactive Blob

Radioactive Blob - A deadly hero
A non completed version of my hero.


Radioactive Blob is a hero I created using an image of myself and some other images I found online (fair use). A lot of people would assume that I was just screwing around and throwing random things in it, but actually it is a combination of ideas I had. Originally I was not sure what I wanted to do so I was experimenting with the blur tool then I decided to make my blurred abomination cyan just to screw around before I scrapped it. Then from there I decided to kind of make fun of Hydro One by adding the ☢ symbol, that is also what inspired the pipe. The pipe was also kind of making fun of “Big Tobacco” so far I have named two big companies with way to much power in the world, making way to much money providing a dangerous product to us. The hair was just me messing around — so was the beard, and I put the tinted glasses in because they look similar to the shades that John Lennon famously wore.

What Powers does your Heroic character have?

Radioactive Blob can be called one of the most powerful creatures inhabiting earth. He contains 2, 000, 000 mR which if ingested by a human will instantly vaporize them. Radioactive Blob can also control the about of radiation he choses to use on his victims, if he chooses to use 200, 000 mR his victim will go through a slow but painful death caused by the untreatable radiation poisoning. Radioactive Bob can also use his radiation to interfere with just about any wireless technology imaginable, and he can vaporize any material on earth.

Whose side is it on?

Radioactive Blob does not like to go by societies demands and assumptions. He stands up for what he believes in. If he thinks that something is wrong he will do what he can to make it right.

Where does he live?

Radioactive Blob lives in the particles that make up our world. He lives in what we breathe, smell, and experience. No one really knows his exact location but many believe him to live in the ruins of the chernobyl nuclear power plant.


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