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Who is Radioactive Blob?

Get to know him…

An Image of my Hero
An Image of my hero!


Radioactive Blob is a hero I created in Adobe Photoshop. He isn’t your typical hero he does not go by societies expectations. Radioactive Blob does what he thinks is right, he stands up for what he believes in.

Why did you chose this type of hero?

I did not necessarily intend to create my hero this way. It just came to me and I kept adding on and changing until the final product satisfied me. However a lot of the features on the hero resembles something.

What did you do to build your hero in Photoshop?

I took advantage of a lot of the tools in Photoshop.

  • I used the liquify tool to increase the size of my biceps
  • I used the blur tool to cause the stretch effect on my shirt
  • I used the color balance tool several times to change the colors of things. Including the tee shirt, hair, skin color, and eye color.
  • I used the Hue/Saturation tool several times to make certain things stand out more.
  • I used the text tool (obviously) for the “inspirational” quote at the top and I used the font “Wish I Were Taller” from Kevin and Amanda Fonts.

Why did I chose the design?

As I said before I didn’t really have a design in mind when I started working on the assignment, I just was learning how to use the tools in Photoshop and from experimenting I came up with the design. However there is some elements to the design that were inspired by other things such as…

  • The glasses remind me of John Lennon’s shades, which is why I chose them.
  • The glow was to resemble radiation, hence the radioactive aspect.
  • The Gandalf pipe was just to resemble power, because big tobacco is often associated with powerful people.
  • The background is at a nuclear power facility, which is similar to the environment he is rumoured to be living in.

How could he be improved?

For this project I found my biggest limitation was not actually knowing how to use Photoshop. If I could improve my Photoshop skills I could definitely make a better product. Another thing that could have made him a better would be more time, and to favour recommendations over requirements that may have allowed a bit more creativity involved and some crazier designs.

What is the story behind the background?

It background is a fairly modern nuclear power plant, he doesn’t live there. Nobody really knows where he lives, however many believes that he lives in the ruins of chernobyl — a nuclear wasteland.

Why did you select the quote you did?  

The quote I chose was from a commercial apple did soon after Steve Jobs return in the 90s. The quote I chose was “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”. You can listen to the full commercial here. I chose that quote because Steve Jobs is my hero and that is my all time favourite speech.

The Logo

The logo is the symbol of a Radiation Symbol (☢) with “Radioactive Blob” written in a lime green font I found off Font2s called “Meltdown Un-Radiated” I chose this logo because I wanted to originally use just the radiation symbol (☢) but then we were assigned the logo project so I added the text. I am not using this as MY logo however I chose a different logo for my logo. More information on the Creations page.

You may use this image as if it were Creative Commons so you have the right to edit, and use the image for non-commercial purposes.