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Super Mario is my favourite super hero!

Super Mario – The best superhero

Who doesn’t love Super Mario? If you answered no to that question leave now. The reason Super Mario is my favourite super hero is because he never gave up. No matter how many times he failed at defeating a castle, and no matter how many times he finally got to the top of that death trap filled castle to find out the princess has been moved to a higher security prison¬†castle.

Super Mario with Bowser from the NES
Super Mario with a defeated Bowser after Mario rescued the kidnapped princess.

Another reason I admire Mario is because he has done everything. Just when you think there is nothing more to do, something comes up. There is always something to do in the land of mushrooms. Mario also has quite the racing career.

Super Mario - NES
Super Mario from the NES version of Super Mario Bros.

Mario saving the princess

Below is a video of Mario fighting his way through the land of mushrooms to save the princess..

Mario’s Bro Racing

Here is a another video of Mario’s brother Luigi killing the competition on one of his hardest races.